How to play


Each player starts the game with a randomly generated deck of 60 cards, of which 3 are drawn to their hand. Each card has a berry cost, which determines if the card can be played. The cost of a card is determined by the amount of berries the player has to spend.

Cards also have an attack value, which determines how much damage the card deals to the opposing card. If there is no opposing Card, the attack value is dealt to the opposing player instead. Attacking the opposing player reduces their health, and if their health reaches 0, they lose the game.

Finally, the health value of a Card determines how much damage it can take before it dies.

You can view all cards here.

Card Abilities

Some cards have special abilities. These abilities are triggered when the card is played or when the card is destroyed. The abilities are listed on the card. While playing, you can inspect a Card to learn more about its abilities.

Player Sides

Eclipse of Edenhorde is a two-player game. The game is played on a 2x4 grid, with each player occupying one side of the grid. The player that created the match acts as the Defender, and the other player acts as the Attacker. Each player starts with 1 unit to spend, and 15 health.


As the Defender, you are tasked with holding off the Attacker's assault. If you lose all your health, you lose the game. You win the game if you manage to deplete the Attackers' health.


As the Attacker, you are tasked with defeating the Defender. If you manage to deplete the Defender's health, you win the game. If you lose all your health, you lose the game.


The Defender always goes first, and draws a Card. Depending on the amount of units to spend, the Defender can play one or more Cards. After ending their turn, the played Cards attack the Attacker's units. The Attacker then draws a Card and plays their turn. The game continues until one of the players wins.

When a card is played, it stays dormant for one turn. This means that it cannot attack, or be attacked. Any abilities that are not related to attacking, will still apply. After one turn, the card becomes active and can attack, or be attacked.

Cards with the ‘Haste‘ ability are not locked when played, and can attack immediately. At the start of a match, your cards have a 15% chance to receive the haste ability. Some cards have the haste ability by default.

Time Limit

Each turn, both players are given 2 minutes to decide on their actions. Once the timer runs out, both players' actions are revealed and the turn is resolved.


The amount of berries a player holds determines if a Card can be played. When the Defender starts the match, they have 1berries to spend. The Attacker starts with 1 berries to spend. Each turn, the player receives 1 additional berry for free. Berries can also be increased by taking a berry at the start of each round. However, if a berry is taken, the player is not able to draw a card from their deck. Berries that are not spent during a turn, are carried over to the next turn.