About Eclipse of Edenhorde

Eclipse of Edenhorde is a card game that is currently in beta release. It's set in the same fictional universe as the Edenhorde series, which includes the NFT collection, Edenhorde lore, and other media. The game expands on the lore and provides players with an immersive experience within the world of Edenhorde.

Eclipse of Edenhorde revolves around strategic card-based gameplay, where players use their cards, which have various abilities, to battle against each other.

Beta release

Being an beta release, Eclipse of Edenhorde is still in its early stages of development. We welcome feedback of any kind from our players. If you want, feel free to provide suggestions, report bugs, and share your experiences. We actively encourage you to participate in shaping the game's mechanics, balancing, and overall experience.

The game is not yet in its final state and is subject to change. When we gather feedback and make improvements based on the input received from the community, you can expect frequent updates, adjustments to gameplay mechanics, and the addition of new features as the game progresses towards its final release.

Our goal is to create a rich and engaging card game experience within the Edenhorde universe. As early adopters, you have the opportunity to contribute to the development process, ensuring that the final version of Eclipse of Edenhorde meets the expectations and desires of you and the community as a whole.

Thank you for playing Eclipse of Edenhorde. We look forward to your feedback!